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Searching for a building lot in Vancouver

New customers often ask me what to look for in a lot.  Searching for a lot to build a new custom home on is a little different than looking for a home to live in.  Beyond the obvious reasons, here’s my advice and the rules I follow when looking for a lot.  If I’m looking in Vancouver I consider the following and score each item from 1 to 10, perfect score is 160; then compare all this number against other lots you’ve looked and so you can decide if you want to pay a little more or low-ball an offer.  Here’s my list: Structural integrity & topography; Tree retention, quantity, consider cost of removal or impediments to building; What is the zoning; Site orientation; Set back of your house and adjacent homes 2 on the left, 2 on the right; Right of ways- creeks; Existing services; Access; Any poles in front of the house; Any poles with regard to garage positioning; Is the lane paved; How wide is the street, how busy is the street; What the parking situation; Any commercial developments around the house; Is the lane go through or is it T’d; Busy street or not, near busy street or not, or how far away from a busy street.  Sodi


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