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A simpler life with home automation

Home automation is one of those things that everybody seems to ask about, but few people understand. Last year we installed two home automation systems; one in my house and my brother’s house to test and determine what home automation can do. I can now report to you that home automation truly makes life a lot easier. I installed a system called Control4, and chose the basic options including lighting control, televisions, music and security. Lighting control is by far our favourite out of the bunch. Being able to turn lights and other electronic devices on and off etc… From our iPads, iPhones and wall switches makes life so much more convenient. Here’s an example. Let’s say the kids are in bed and we want to watch some TV. With the press of one button on a wall switch the TV goes on, lights throughout the house go off, and lights in the family room dim to 22% power (which is the level we’ve determined is ideal for watching TV). We have even been able to program lights to turn on/off after sundown using the motion sensors in the house. It takes a little while to learn what all the functions of the wall switches are, but they’re also back lit in different colour codes to make it easier. After a little while things fall into place and like heated seats in your car, you wonder how you ever lived without these little conveniences.

Jag Hundal,



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