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More to the report than just the rating, Energuide


Potentially you can be overlooking many factors when it comes to your Energuide rating for your home. The Energuide report for your new home is not just a score but a wealth of information that explains the rating system and gives a breakdown of energy consumption by end use within the house (space heating, hot water, lights and appliances etc…). It also provides an assessment of where heat is most easily lost from the home.

The Energuide report can also provide valuable estimations on annual energy costs. In particular, the report can estimate the total annual energy consumption of the home, including electricity, natural gas, oil and propane. Any builder should be able to easily translate the report into an estimated annual energy cost, providing the new home buyer with a number they can take to the bank to ensure their efficient carrying costs are reflected in mortgage applications and use to plan monthly bills.

For more information regarding green building and the EnerGuide rating system please visit: www.odenzahomes.com/innovations


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