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Building Blocks for Renovations

Vancouver’s residential streetscapes are as eclectic as its inhabitants, which helps give this city its diversity and rich cultural influence. As communities change and grow so do trends in residential custom home building. It is common to get swept up in the latest fad or trend when it hits the market, especially if you are looking to sell.  If you are thinking of an exterior renovation it is important to research the proposed product, the install application and the qualified contractor prior to purchasing or commencing with the work. The most common mistake when choosing the materials for your renovation is not accounting for our climate in B.C. This is one of the most perpetuating problems people encounter with starting a renovation.  A qualified, established contractor will be able to research, make recommendations and secure sample products for your build. An established builder brings with them a knowledge transfer, whereby they have often worked in a number of different projects and can bring different levels of experience to your build.  So when you are ready to renovate, look for the office of your local neighbourhood builder to get your project started off right!


General Manager

Odenza Homes


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