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Common tips for choosing a lot

Things to watch out for: 

There are many things to consider when choosing your lot. Real estate in Vancouver is at a premium so everyone is looking for that special bargain on a lot. Chances are that if a lot is substantially cheaper than those of the same size in the surrounding neighbourhood there is a good reason for it. Of course you must do your land title search and check the zoning of your prospective lot.

It is also highly recommended that a geotechnical survey be done prior to your purchase, as some parts of Vancouver are well known to be on or near peat bogs; grounds that are unstable and may require expensive piling prior to construction.

Other things to watch for when purchasing a lot are:

 -A high number of trees on a lot with houses that are close on both sides. Falling and removal will be an added cost.

-A steeply sloping lot. This may require added retaining walls and extensive landscaping.

-The proximity of high voltage Hydro wires. This may limit you to where you may be able to build on your lot.

-Down guy wires. These are the angled tension wireswhich anchor and stabilize power/hydro and telephone poles. They can block garage or gate entries and seriously limit access to your property.

-Lastly it is recommended that you speak with the neighbours. They know the area and the people in it and can give you valuable information relating to your potential neighbourhood.

These guidelines will definitely help you minimize any hurdles and slowdowns during your development and construction process.

Happy hunting!

Jason Hammond
General Manager


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